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Travels Unit

Travels Unit


About The Travels Unit

The Travels Unit of the Institute simplifies travels process for staff as they embark on trips in line with the Institute’s objectives of mitigating HIV, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. It makes the process of travel planning easy for staff and ensures that there is a smooth travels process which includes, booking flights and obtaining necessary information on travel plans, and advisories. The unit also makes sure that required documents are obtained for travel.

We work directly with registered travel agents and serve as a liaison with staff to determine the best possible travel arrangements, and accommodation for the staff’s particular needs.

We are highly organized with knowledge in GDS Distribution –Amadeus for best travel arrangements
that suit both the staff & the organization financial travel expectations. Safety is also a factor in travel,
so the unit keeps abreast of the latest news, ensuring that each planned destination is safe for the staff.

Unit contact email: [email protected]


Travels Team